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Najaf branch of Imam Al-Kadhum College were established at 2013 and received the first batch of students in the 2013-2014 academic year and are located in the holy city of Kufa. It consisted of six scientific departments: (Quranic sciences, Sharia, computer techniques engineering, financial and banking sciences, media, and law). It has received and graduated thousands of students since its establishment and has worked to introduce modernity into its departments through the establishment of laboratories and specialized workshops and contracting with scientific competencies to raise the level of quality and develop Performance in various fields. In April of the year 2020, the foundation stone for the permanent college buildings was laid neighboring to the University of Kufa, where the educational city includes many universities and institutions, and it is expected that the work will take several years to establish university buildings equipped with the latest technologies to receive students in all specialties with the expansion to become one of the largest institutions in the governorate. .

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